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Portrait Photography

David has built up an enviable reputation as one of Perth’s most respected and trusted portrait photographers.

  • Our photographs look comfortable and relaxed and less posed that traditional portraits.
  • David’s experience & ability will result in photographs that remove the shyness from people.
  • Our photo sessions are relaxing and fun! Relaxed people = better photographs.
  • The studio is situated in a quiet part of Wanneroo by the edge of Lake Joondalup.
  • Photographs can be arranged in the studio or surrounding natural bushland.
  • Professional portrait photography is about excellent people skills and a creative eye, combining these two together results in the many beautiful wall portraits seen around Perth homes for the past 20 years.
  • We offer an affordable range of print packages, canvas wall images and digital options.

Sessions are available all week. Take the time…make it happen. Please ‘phone Jan on 9306 4048 for availability and prices.

How To Look Your Best

Before your session, speak to Jan or David to discuss the type & style of photographs you would like taken.

What To Wear?

Families & Groups:

  • Results are often better if everyone is dressed in a similar style.
  • Do not mix casual with formal.
  • Solid colours work better than stripes & patterns.
  • When families are photographed we generally photograph the children separately as well.


  • In family portraits it is more flattering to wear sleeves, than bare upper arms.
  • Individual portraits wear something as glamorous as you like…borrow an outfit from a good friend!
  • Darker clothing can look dramatic & tends to minimize body size.
  • Lighter tones tend to emphasise body size.
  • Make-up…the same as you would wear for a night out with the girls, especially the eyes. If in doubt less is better.


  • Dress for the occasion. Casual long trousers generally look better than shorts, even at the beach.
  • Shirts/Tees.. Plain colours always best. Avoid logos.
  • Make an effort, nothing wrong in trying to look good.


  • Avoid anything that is too distracting like logo tops & large motifs.
  • If in doubt bring a change of clothes.

Pregnancy Portraits:

  • 35-37 weeks is generally a good time for this unique occasion.
  • Anything feminine, soft flowing plain chiffon, sarongs make a good substitute.

Babies & Newborns:

  • In photographs babies look better wearing as little as possible.
  • Try to avoid heavy knitted items.
  • Photographing your baby when asleep looks pretty cute, so try not wake them when you arrive at the studio.


  • Normally at this age it’s so uncool being photographed with Mum & Dad.
  • Let them wear what they like plus what you would like them to wear.


  • Whatever the occasion good professional portraits mark a time in your life never to be repeated.
  • Make an appointment now, ‘phone Phone Jan on 9306 4048 for availability & prices.

Contact us

Please fill in the information below and we will email you details or phone (08) 9306 4048 during WA office hours.